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Principles of XML Design and Development


The Principles of XML Design and Development course provides attendees with a solid foundation of W3C Extensible Markup Language (XML) and key related standards, such as W3C Schema and W3C Namespaces for XML. This is an entry level course which provides practical examples and exercises showing how these components interact with each other. Concepts are reinforced with hands-on examples.

Designed to give attendees a good conceptual understanding of core XML ideas such as markup, structure, validation and transformation, the course also touches on XML system design and XML governance.


On completion of this course, attendees will be able to:

• understand the concepts of XML and related standards
• appreciate the role XML can play in modern computing architectures
• use Railway Diagrams to analyse and document the structure of an XML document
• understand the aspects of good design in XML-related software development

Who should attend?

This course is designed for software developers, managers and technically advanced users who are participating in the planning and implementation of XML projects.

Prerequisites: This course assumes some basic knowledge of XML or exposure to related technology such as HTML. For students with no previous exposure to XML or markup, preliminary exercises are available for completion prior to the formal session.

Length of course: 0.5 day

Cost: $500 + GST


Group Fee: $450 + GST

Course outline

Introduction to XML

• Overview of XML
• Introduction to XSLT, W3C Schema and Namespaces
• Markup, Validation and Transformation
• Applied XML
• XML vocabularies and ontologies

XML Architectures

• Transformation –- XSLT
• XML and CSS
• XML and relational databases
• XML and the file system
• Encodings and special characters
• Leveraging Markup

XML modeling

• Railroad diagrams
• Elements vs Attributes
• Schema languages
• Namespaces
• Applied Validation
• Datatyping
• Linking

XML Governance

• XML and software engineering
• Lifecycle management
• Specifying and quoting XML development
• Common development problems
• Measuring XML complexity

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