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Comprehensive SGML




Allette Systems has been delivering SGML training for longer than anyone else in the Asia Pacific region and our course has been widely recognised and highly regarded. This three day course is designed for anyone who is intending to undertake SGML implementations, whether as a user or in a supervisory role.


The course comprehensively discusses the syntax and fundamental theories for the standard and will provide a solid foundation for developers and project managers alike. It covers all major aspects of the standards and attendees will have the benefit of an instructor with substantial theoretical training as well as extensive industry experience.


Typically this results in plenty of free-form discussion between the trainer and the attendees about real problems and the solutions implemented to resolve them.


The lecture sessions are supported by numerous exercises and ample opportunity is provided to reinforce and experiment with topics during workshop sessions.

Who should attend?

Those who are currently involved with documentation and are moving towards an SGML environment, whether as a user or in a management role.


Prerequisites: There are no prerequisites for this course.

Length of course: 3 days

Cost: $1600 + GST


Group Fee: $1550 + GST

Topics include

Introduction to SGML

• What is SGML?
• What is a markup language?
• Who uses SGML
• Reasons to use SGML
• SGML skills and tools

SGML constructs

• Comments
• Elements
• Parsing
• Modelling
• Diagramming techniques
• Content models
• Whitespace handling
• Inclusions and exclusions
• Ambiguity
• Markup minimisation
• Attributes
• Character references
• Entities
• Notations
• Marked sections
• Processing instructions

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