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Expressing Business and Publishing Rules Using ISO Schematron




Developers using XML Schemas and other schema languages are often surprised that many common and simple-to-say constraints cannot be expressed using those languages. For example, checking foreign-key references to external documents or confirming that tables do not have too many columns.


ISO Schematron is the standard schema language designed specifically to express many of the common and important constraints contained in business and publishing rules. It is designed to complement your existing schema language. Indeed, Schematron can allow you to simplify your conventional schemas.


Schematron has been used in health applications, technical and legal publishing systems, and is available in open source and commercial products.

Who should attend?

This course is primarily aimed at developers needing to understand the syntax and the concepts behind Schematron.


Prerequisites: Students must be familiar with XML and one other schema language (DTD, XML Schema, RELAX NG) or XSLT.

Length of course: 1 day

Cost: $400 + GST


Group Fee: Please Enquire

Course Tools: As part of the course, students will receive personal licenses for the Topologi Markup Editor, the Topologi XML Judge and the Topologi XML Detective.

Topics include


• The design philosophy of Schematron
• Schematron core elements
• XPath


• Common constraints

Advanced Schematron

• Advanced XPath
• Complex constraints
• Non-Core Schematron
• ISO Schematron
• Embedding Schematron in other schema languages
• Proxy validation
• XPath 2

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