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Open XML for Word Developers



The new Microsoft Office formats are more than just another upgrade. They represent a whole new generation of possibilities for personal productivity applications.


While recent attention has focused on web-based applications that mimic desktop tools, opening up Office files to standard programming tools creates a whole new class of architectural possibilities.


Course Objectives


The workshop will give a good overview about open XML and its Word Processing vocabulary. Attendees will also gain valuable experience to build end-to-end open XML Word based application. After completing this workshop, attendees are expected to have developed:


• Knowledge about the features and benefits of Open XML and WordprocessingML


• The ability to use various developer tools (in .NET and Java) to build solutions.


• Understanding on how to integrate Open XML format with existing solutions.



Designed for IT Professionals and Architect audiences, attendees should have a good level of technical knowledge (preferably an understanding of the concepts and syntax of XML, XPath and XSLT).

Length of course: 0.5 day

Cost: $270 + GST


Group fee: $250 + GST

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