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Adobe's FrameMaker software has been the industry leader in technical publishing, with the release of version 8.0 continuing that tradition. FrameMaker 8 introduced Unicode, Flash, 3D and built-in DITA support.


FrameMaker 8.0 is the complete publishing system that provides all the tools needed for word processing, page design, graphics and book building. All this combined with a user friendly environment for preparing and authoring documents for storage in or output to valid structured FrameMaker documents. With support for both the Standard Generalised Markup Language (SGML) and the Extensible Markup Language (XML), this tool allows you to easily import, open and work with existing structured documents and then save them back to SGML or XML when you're finished.


Users can quickly and efficiently produce multiple output formats, including print, Portable Document Format (PDF), and several other online formats from complex documents.

This course has recently been redesigned to teach new users how to utilise FrameMaker to streamline their document creation process and greatly increase productivity and efficiency. Current users will be shown the many advanced features, including tips and techniques for version 8.0.

Who should attend?

Whether you are new to FrameMaker or would just simply like to consolidate your skills, this three-day course will teach you the fundamental concepts, features, advanced features, along with handy hints and techniques to enable you to use FrameMaker to its full potential.


Prerequisites:There are no prerequisites for this course.

Length of course: 3 days

Cost: $1,600 + GST


Group Fee: $1550 + GST

Topics include

Part One – Unstructured FrameMaker

• Working with FrameMaker documents
• Defining paragraph formats
• Defining colours and character formats
• Page layouts
• Graphics
• Document editing
• Tables
• Customising tables
• Anchored frames and graphics
• Cross-References and footnotes
• Books
• Indexes
• Conditional text
• Hypertext and PDF
• HTML and web publishing

Part Two – Structured FrameMaker

• Structured documents
• Authoring XML
• Exporting and importing structured files

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